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Louise with Lea Bret Queen Lahoni Katz Mistique

Louise at home with Grand Champion Benelli

Litter of kittens from 2015

Lea Bret’s Cornish Rex Cats

Morris, MN 56267

I am Louise Engebretson from Morris, MN. I have been breeding, showing with the ACFA, and selling pet Cornish Rex cats for over twenty years. My kittens come from Champion and Grand Champion lines.

This delightful breed is fun loving, smart, athletic and people oriented. Their soft, wavy coat feels like velvet! I am able to get most colors. Contact me to reserve your kitten today!

Please contact us with any questions, to arrange a visit, or to be placed on the waiting list for future litters. We’d love to hear from you!

320-589-3845 | elenge@fedtel.net

About the Cornish Rex

July 21, 1950 in Cornwall, England a kitten was born which would be a foundation of a new breed of cat. Mother and littermates were normal looking short hair domestic cats. But one kitten, named Kallibunker had a very short, soft, wavy coat. As he grew his body became longer and leaner with larger ears.

The Cornish Rex name came from the soft, wavy fur like the rex rabbit and the town he was born by, Cornwall, England.

They are a healthy breed and have no common genetic defects. They look fragile, but are very strong and wirery. They come in just about every color including points.

An active cat who demands alot of attention and returns it in kind. They get along fine with well behaved children, dogs and other cats.

Cat associations and programs:

American Cat Fanciers Association